Ian Giles is an ambitious young composer, arranger, pianist, and keyboardist that strives to honor the great sounds of the past with modern sensibility. The music he creates has a diverse and very open-ended sound, as it shows a wide range of appreciation that includes jazz, funk, classical, rock, soul, among others. Able to create captivating works for any ensemble from solo piano to orchestra, Mr. Giles shows that his ability as a performer and composer has no boundaries.

Trained in classical piano for more than 10 years, and raised around a wide range of music from the Beatles to Charles Mingus, Mr. Giles has developed his own unique style that incorporates any number of influences from these important factors in his musical upbringing. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Jazz Composition from Berklee College of Music, he possesses an expansive base of knowledge of harmony, rhythm, and melody that informs him both as a player and composer. Based out of Boston, he regularly performs in a range of ensembles and also as a solo player, in New England and internationally.  

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